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Our Mission

The mission of the Raton Arts & Humanities Council, Inc., (RAHC) is to encourage and strengthen the cultural life of the area, providing residents - whether trained or untrained in the arts - with opportunities for artistic participation, self-expression, education and enjoyment.

A Brief History

The Raton Arts and Humanities Council, Inc. was founded January 1988, and became the designated City of Raton arts council in August 1991. The Council is a non-profit corporation representing the arts and humanities in Raton and surrounding communities.

The council's programs are designed to meet several goals and objectives: one of the most important is to further the development, learning and appreciation of the arts in recognition of the fact that the arts are important to the well being of a community and its citizens. It has become increasingly recognized across the country that a dynamic cultural atmosphere is of economic value to a community, providing an attraction for visitors and tourists as well as prospective businesses and residents. This in turn inherently increases the monetary and human values of the arts. Other goals include enriching quality of life, enhancing educational programs, fostering creativity, self-esteem building, and increasing appreciation of all artistic disciplines.

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145 South 1st Street
Raton, NM 87740

Tel: (575) 445-2052

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